The way to transform your business into a company

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Once you have made your own threshold in the city, where you started your business, you should extend your business to the neighbouring cities, states, and ultimately, to the neighbouring countries worldwide. But, you should be first successful in making a good impression among your customers which should include a video marketing agency to get your brand worldwide exporsure to build trust with your potential customers.

The formalities

Once the customers come to know about you, and you are having a good reputation among the customers, there are a few formalities, which should be completed by you, before you extend your business to the neighbouring states and the other countries, henceforth. If you ever took the assistance of any Branding agency in London, they will help you to carry out all the formalities without any hassles.

Extending the business

If you are from London, your country has special rules, and you have to be abide by them, if you want to extend your business to the other states. If you want to merge with other small companies, working in that particular state, you can do that, but, you need recognition as a company for doing that. If your company get amalgamated with a bigger company, you don’t need any additional recognition as you will be a part of an organisation, which is already registered as a company in your country.

Registering as a company

In your country, your first task to get registered as a company, is to get a license from the market regulator of your country. In the UK, the market regulator is the Financial Services Authority or FSA. The market regulator may give certain criteria or requirements, which you should fulfil such that you can get the license for starting your business as a company, or with the name of a company. The requirements may ask you to show a minimum level of profit margin every year, or they can even ask you to them your business license, which you had previously.

Registering in stock exchanges

Once you make a grip in your own country, you should register your company in the stock exchange of your country, such that you can invest in stocks, and increase the capital for your business. There are multiple stock exchanges in your country, and depending upon the capital which you have, you can include the name of your company in multiple stock exchanges, and the more the number of stock exchanges, where you are registered, the capital for your business will increase extensively, and in order to register in the stock exchange of your country, you should definitely have a license from the market regulator of your country.

Businesses in other countries

Once you gain enough capital, you should talk to the Branding Agency in London, from whom you were taking help. Ask them to give you the business laws and rules for various other countries, where you want to extend your business. If you want to extend your business hands to the United States, you should follow the rules that are given by them. Thus, just make a list of countries, where you want to extend your business, and know the rules of foreign companies from the embassy, or from the market regulator of those countries.

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Leafleting: The Facts

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Perhaps one of the oldest marketing methods, leaflet distribution is still used today. Yet, many businesses are still unaware as to leaflet distribution methods they should be using. There is also the worry that potential customers do not look at the leaflet distributed to them. There are services world-wide assisting businesses with leaflet distribution, such as leaflet distribution in Hertfordshire.

Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has researched the statistics of leaflet distribution:


  • 62% of individuals take no notice of TV advertisements. Most people will mute advertisements, change the channel to avoid them or leave the room to perform quick tasks such as making a drink or going to the toilet. Similarly, 81% of people skim past adverts in magazines and newspapers.
  • Up to 79% of recipients keep leaflets or pass them on to a friend who may be interested in the services offered. 78% of individuals skim through the information posted to them.
  • 48% of consumers visit businesses they have received leaflets for, with even more requesting extra information or purchasing a product after receiving leaflets. This is slightly higher than the 47% of consumers responding to TV advertising.
  • 71% of consumers believe that samples, coupons and offers are useful for finding a service suiting their needs. 63% believe that money-off coupons encourage them to purchase products, and 47% of consumers believe that leaflets about new products make them more likely to purchase a product.
  • 38% of flyers are kept for 2-4 days, and 13% are kept for over a week. However, money-off flyers, providing discount or a promotion of some sort are 50% more likely to be kept.
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Useful Tips To Maximize Leaflet Distribution Campaigns

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Isle-of-Wight-Leaflet-Distribution-2-23783_600x300Leaflet distribution in Essex is an amazing marketing strategy. It provides a lot of benefits for the company running the campaign. Leaflet distribution is cost efficient while generating high impact to the consumers. It creates a buzz and enhance the image and reputation of the company as it gathers the interest of the market. However, just like any other marketing campaigns, leaflet distributions should be done properly in order to take full advantage of its marketing potential. And more often than not, those running leaflet distributions would barely get satisfying results from the campaign. Here are some useful tips to maximize leaflet distribution campaigns.

  1. Trial run – It is not efficient to run large scale leaflet distribution right away. It is important to check its potential while looking for errors before starting the campaign. The best way to approach a new leaflet distribution campaign is to conduct a trial run. Trial run in a small area or sample size can provide important data that will help you maximize the effects of the campaign.
  2. Solo campaign – It is not only your company that will be running a leaflet distribution campaign. There will be around 10 similar companies running a marketing campaign at the same time. Since leaflets are handed to the customers whether at the public places or their homes, the distributor must make sure that the customer will not be getting the leaflet along with other leaflets. When such situation occurs, most of the time the leaflet will go directly to the trash. If the leaflet is received by the customer in solo, there is a high chance that the leaflet will be read or stored for later use.
  3. Timing – Timing is important for running a leaflet distribution campaign. It should be in season or the incentives should be trending during the campaign. Also the campaign should be run in a period where few or no competitor is running a similar leaflet distribution campaign. This will increase the effects of leaflet distributions compared to when the market has alternative campaigns which the customer can choose from.
  4. Leaflet distribution agency – Hiring a leaflet distribution agency is the best way to maximize your campaign. They have experts in creative design, leaflet templates and market research which greatly increase the success of leaflet distribution while being cost and time efficient at the same time. They will know the right places to give out your leaflet. For example, they will hand out a franchise opportunities UK leaflet in a busy business district, as business people may take the opportunity. With their help, you can be sure that the message and purpose of the campaign will get through to your customers.

Now you have several ways to maximize your leaflet distribution campaign.


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Is Your Site Mobile Ready for Google’s Mobile Algorithm Change? (Infographic)

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Tomorrow (April 21st) is a big day in digital marketing as Google rolls out it’s big Mobile Algorithm update. Gareth Bull has tipped us off about this awesome infographic below.

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10 Steps to write a perfect email

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A fantastic infographic from the guys at EmailOctopus with 10 steps to write a perfect email.





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Business Coaching Tips

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Business Coaching Tips

Business coaching is an important part of any successful business. If you invest time in coaching your team now, it can save you a lot of time in the future. You can get them to take more responsibility through some easy coaching tips instead of using all your energy telling them how to solve problems and what to do. This can eventually allow you to hand over more work and concentrate on planning and the strategic issues in front of your department.

1. You need to be clear about the objective. One of the aims of business coaching is to make them better at their job. What we need to do is to focus our attention on those areas that will give us the best return. You need to pick one objective and start with that because it is always easier for a person to concentrate on one thing at a time. You need to sit down with your colleagues and specifically discuss what you are looking for. You need to specify how long you expect that induction would take, the areas you want it to cover and when do you want it ready by. Those coaching tips that you will give will reflect in the final results.

Think-Differently2. You need to get them to think. After you have set the parameters of the objective, you need to ask them to spend some time to come up with their own ideas for how they will achieve it. You need to tell them that it is only idea and you will be happy if they carry out research before they come back to you to discuss it. You need to set the date for the first review and you need to stick to it.

3. You need to be a good listener. When they express their ideas, make sure that you are listening to all their ideas and do not pass any judgment on their ideas. You need to give them more time to express themselves (even if they pause to think) with the ideas they come up with. A good business coach must be a very good listener.

4. You need to check their motivation. While you are listening to them you need to observe their body language and tone of voice in order to judge their levels of motivation for the task. You need to see if they are enthusiastic about doing it. If they are not, check how they are feeling. Part of business coaching is helping to raise the confidence level and enthusiasm of every member which is involved.

5. Try to tie them down. On the way to the end of the business coaching session, check their next actions and when they offer they can complete it by. You need to help them to set a realistic goal and book in your next discussion. You need to provide encouragement for delivering the right results. Now, you can watch how your team is developing more and more every day.

Recently I went on some NLP Coaching Courses (Toby & Kate) which gave me skills to better influence people in behaviours, communication and goals, so I would recommend going on one of them to further develop your coaching skills.

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Online marketing tips

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Online marketing tips

The World Wide Web is a tool with never-ending limits. Today it is more practical than ever before to create and maintain a business. We can easily say that online business is easier now than before, much easier. You just need to know right tools and how to work and you will be successful. With the enormous amount of information on the Internet and users mainly having the control to view precisely what they want, so getting your product in front of potential customers can be challenging for you. We are going to show you a few tips in order to develop a successful online marketing strategy. So, let’s start:

1. You need to know your market. If you don’t have a defined audience, your marketing approach will never be successful. You need to figure out your target market first, before you spend a dime on marketing. You don’t need to pay a lot of money to hire a fancy market research firm. Searching for a Niche Group - Magnifying GlassYou should be able to understand your market yourself if you know your product. Let’s give you an example – who is more interested in your product, men or woman? What are your customer’s interests? What is their age group? What is their possible financial situation? After you have built a thorough profile of your customer, you need to determine where and how is easier to reach them. This step could take a short time, and that’s totally ok. You will likely be wasting your money in places that will never reach your customer, if you start marketing before you have a clear customer profile.

2. You need to set and reset your goals. You need to find out what you are looking to gain from online marketing. Increased revenue? Increased awareness? Maybe you will have multiple goals, but continue to track of what they are so you can measure your success. This means that when you reach your primary goals, you need to set new goals in order to your company can continue to improve.

budget calculation3. You need to set a budget. After you have set goals and you know who your target market is, you need to plan your budget according to that. You can be successful even when on a tight budget and that is the good thing about online marketing. Many platforms are available at no charge. Sticking only with free forms of online marketing maybe is not the best strategy for your company. You need to determine carefully what outlets are mainly necessary for your product and you need to be willing to spend some money to get results.

4. You need to brand yourself. You need to set yourself apart from the competition. Do not forget that there is beside yourself, thousands of companies that are trying to sell products on the Internet. brand_introThis is why you need to make your brand unforgettable. Begin with your website. Your domain name should be your company’s name. You should consider changing your name to one that will not be easily confused with another product, if there are other companies online with names that are similar to yours. It is up to you the way you want your brand to be viewed by customers. Once you figure it out you need to be consistent and stick with it. Strong social media presence is important here and having a professional website, but you should take the time to interact with potential customers and build relationships with them as well.

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