Business Coaching Tips

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Business Coaching Tips

Business coaching is an important part of any successful business. If you invest time in coaching your team now, it can save you a lot of time in the future. You can get them to take more responsibility through some easy coaching tips instead of using all your energy telling them how to solve problems and what to do. This can eventually allow you to hand over more work and concentrate on planning and the strategic issues in front of your department.

1. You need to be clear about the objective. One of the aims of business coaching is to make them better at their job. What we need to do is to focus our attention on those areas that will give us the best return. You need to pick one objective and start with that because it is always easier for a person to concentrate on one thing at a time. You need to sit down with your colleagues and specifically discuss what you are looking for. You need to specify how long you expect that induction would take, the areas you want it to cover and when do you want it ready by. Those coaching tips that you will give will reflect in the final results.

Think-Differently2. You need to get them to think. After you have set the parameters of the objective, you need to ask them to spend some time to come up with their own ideas for how they will achieve it. You need to tell them that it is only idea and you will be happy if they carry out research before they come back to you to discuss it. You need to set the date for the first review and you need to stick to it.

3. You need to be a good listener. When they express their ideas, make sure that you are listening to all their ideas and do not pass any judgment on their ideas. You need to give them more time to express themselves (even if they pause to think) with the ideas they come up with. A good business coach must be a very good listener.

4. You need to check their motivation. While you are listening to them you need to observe their body language and tone of voice in order to judge their levels of motivation for the task. You need to see if they are enthusiastic about doing it. If they are not, check how they are feeling. Part of business coaching is helping to raise the confidence level and enthusiasm of every member which is involved.

5. Try to tie them down. On the way to the end of the business coaching session, check their next actions and when they offer they can complete it by. You need to help them to set a realistic goal and book in your next discussion. You need to provide encouragement for delivering the right results. Now, you can watch how your team is developing more and more every day.

Recently I went on some NLP Coaching Courses (Toby & Kate) which gave me skills to better influence people in behaviours, communication and goals, so I would recommend going on one of them to further develop your coaching skills.