Expert online marketing tips for small business

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Expert online marketing tips for small business

In today’s world business have more ways than ever to market themselves. But it can be difficult to decide on a marketing method, especially when you are a mid-sized or small business with a limited resources and small budget. Although social media marketing is mostly free it can be time-consuming. Also, the same goes for blogging. While digital advertising and traditional print advertizing can be expensive.

So the question is which marketing channels are the best for small business? Let us start with the first one:

1. Blog

Blogging is one of the best marketing strategies for a small business. You can provide to your clients, prospects with informative content which you can post on your blog and promote it socially and also offer to other networks to supplement their strategy. This means that your team and you can establish yourself quickly, as experts in desired field. It can positively impact your search engines. If you do blogging three times per week, you will definitely increase your the ability of your website to be found on SEO (search engines). This means that more you blog – more traffic you will get from Google, Bing and Yahoo. . . this can happen because you are adding a fresh content to your site. Blogging can be one of the best marketing tools ever found! By contributing with useful content for your blog, you could expand your reach and show off your knowledge.

2. Leverage social media

marketing10If you didn’t start using social media for your small business, now is the time. Social media produce double the marketing leads of telemarketing, trade shows or direct mail. Social media can be overwhelming. You should choose one social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ – which will engage your customers, industry leaders and prospects the most. And you need to start building a presence there. As soon as you set up your account you need to start sharing your original content, engage with the community and joining discussions. You need to keep your social efforts frequent, helpful and relevant to your audience.

3. Create Facebook page and use facebook advertising

The most important marketing tool for any business to use – is Facebook – especially for a small business. Research showed that Americans spend one out of every six minutes on social media, which can provide you a great opportunity to build relationship wit fans by sharing relevant content and you need to interact in comments. You need to interact more with a page, so your friends can see it. Also you should consider facebook advertizing. It is impossible to miss the ads because they would appear in the news feed. It can be very effective with local clients, because there is no waste as with traditional media.

4. Post to Instagram and Pinterest

You should regularly post images on Instagram or Pinterest if you are selling a highly value products or service. Posting is free on both platforms – and both platforms have a large followings, especially among women.

Freshlime-Digital-Marketing-Social-Media5. Implement an Search strategy

Implementing a SEO strategy is crucial for online success, hire an SEO company locally to carry this out for you. are a market leading Search Engine Optimisation company and have a high rating on local directories.

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